Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging Centers of Parto Teb Azma and Tabesh Parto

Farjad medical-diagnostic group is equipped with two Medical imaging centers of Partoteb Azma and Tabesh Parto which are working separately yet harmoniously to give services to medical practitioners and patients


Parto Teb Azma Medical Imaging  Center

PartoTebAzma imaging center started working in 2001 as the first medical imaging center in Qom province in the form of a cooperative company
For a decade, Parto Teb Aazma medical imaging Center was the only center to provide MRI and CT. Scan services using the best common diagnostic devices in the medical world, which became a reality by the help of trustworthy doctors and skilled human resources

Partoteb Azma and Tabesh Parto imaging centers are equipped with the following specialized sections


Our aim and policy is to be the best and to renovate the process of change and improvement in the society health level in the province of Qom, Iran. We believe that we can remain the best according to a proved algorithm and identifying the best options in the right time and updating our services

Our goal is to plan properly the parallel advances of factors involved in diagnosis and treatment: speed, accuracy, and quality
The best result of this policy is Taabesh Parto medical imaging center which has started its activities as a supplementary center to Prto Teb Aazmaa and with definite goal

Tabesh Parto Medical Imaging Center

Tabesh Parto medical imaging center started working independently in 2012 with the aim of improving diagnostic-therapeutic services in Qom province in line with and supporting the objectives of PartoTebAzma center as an auxiliary to high diagnostic services
In fact, Tabesh Parto center was a response to various requests by patients and physicians. The most outstanding advantage of this center is the consideration of time and how it affects the process of diagnosis and treatment. In this respect, while appointments are fixed and results are given on time, certain equipment is used for imaging in order to ensure quick, easy, and at the same time accurate diagnosis 
It is worth mentioning that the medical staff in the center has the benefit of a certified CV, and in fact, the credit that the center enjoys is its customer’s trust
Hope that we would have taken a positive step for the promotion of health in the society