MRI Section

These sections are equipped with field strength 1.5 Tesla Siemens Magnetom Avanto MRI Machine and the unique feature of Parallel Imaging Technique System.

Being equipped with this technique not only increases the image quality but also reduces scan time and the patient spends the minimum time in the tunnel of the magnet.

MRI device in farjadgroup

In addition, a variety of noise reduction techniques and measures required for patients’ comfort during the scan are provided in this machine. Imaging of cerebral, vascular, abdominal, and blood systems as well as orthopedic and pediatric imaging are provided with maximum quality and minimum imaging time. This high-quality imaging is enabled using separate imaging coils of brain, neck, breast, back, abdomen and all organs with the maximum number of receiver channels up to 18 channels.

Along with the anatomical imaging of all body parts, the homogeneous magnetic field and the high power of digital radio hardware of the device also provides the possibility of metabolic study of the brain using spectroscopy hardware and software package.

Also, all new specialized techniques such as the MRI, Diffusion, and PERFUSION are applicable on this system.

The following services are given at the center:

  General MRI with and without contrast material injection from all organs coupled with TMJ in separate protocols

  MRA of carotid, aortic Vernal


 brain and liver venography

 PWI and DWI
 MRI of fetus