Farjad Medical Group (Farjad) is the first private medical diagnostics holding group in Iran. Farjad was established over a decade ago with its head office in Qom, Iran (150 km from the capital city, Tehran).

The ownership of Farjad is made up of both physicians and private investors. Our medical group is dedicated to provide its clients with a number of medical services including. Radiology, MRI, CT Scan, Sonography, Radiotherapy, Oncology…

Farjad’s leading physicians each hold over 25-years of medical experience in Iran. We have also employed over 270 personnel, including trained technicians, nurses and a number of medical personnel. Our group provides outstanding customer service and is recognized as one of the leading medical groups in Iran. In addition, we hold excellent relations with a number of research institutions, leading universities and government medical groups including the Ministry of Health.

Our medical centers hold a number of international certificates including ISO 9001 Certification. Farjad Group utilizes leading medical equipment from Siemens, Phillips and Elekta, to name a few. Our Physicians have completed a number of international medical training programs and our team regularly attends medical seminars and events to stay abreast of the latest developments in their respective fields.

Farjad went on establishing the first medical imaging center in 2001 and the first radiotherapy center in 2011 in Qom.

In 2013, Farjad opened its second medical imaging center and is one of the most recognized and respected groups in the country. Given the importance of our medical centers and having been recognized as a leader in this field, the opening of our centers and offering of new medical services often garners the support of leading medical officials.

We look forward to making progress and continuing to build on your trust as time goes by.

Farjad Medical Group’s mission is to be the leading provider of diagnostic healthcare services in the region, utilizing advanced and innovate techniques, high-tech equipment as well as well-trained staff. We are committed to set the highest standards for ourselves to provide patients with high quality services in the shortest time possible.

Since patients are considered as our first priority, we hold ourselves accountable for meeting a great majority of their expectations. That is the reason our building comprises various medical centers such as  imaging and oncology.

Farjad Diagnostic – therapeutic Group is an example of planned targets to create a new point of view in diagnosis and treatment which started its mission in the winter of 2014 with the slogan of “a new plan for health promotion”. Farjad is the interpretation of an event, rooted in nonstop life efforts. An event carrying far dreams and desires in close times. Desires of life, hope and health.

The main focus of Farjad is on true and fast diagnosis, prevention of disease progress and being informative in this field; the aim to hold periodic seminars and Perto-e-Danesh journal was also defined accordingly. This selective rout will be a door to a coherent interaction between Farjad medical team and physicians so that hand in hand, relying on the belief to cooperate, and bound by our oath to give services, we shall fulfill the factual desires for a healthy way of life.


Through cooperation and with the help of God, the almighty, we shall take steps forward to detect defects, and to solve them for a better life.