Ultrasound Section

Ultrasound imaging section of these centers is equipped with five sets which run with specialist practitioners and is available all days .

The section provides all routines and, of course, specialized sonographies such as breast sonography, three and four dimensional sonogrphy of fetus, color-Doppler sonography of vessels, etc.

Ultrasound imaging section in farjadgroup

In order to promote patients' health, especially in the fields of gynecologics, obstetrics and fetal health, sonography is done using one of the newest models of General Electric ultrasound systems Voluson E8 model.


This American system is one of the latest diagnosic technologies which:

  1. Performs all routine ultrasound with the greatest possible precision and superior quality HDlive images
  2. Has high accuracy in early diagnosis of diseases related to women's health, including diseases of the uterus and breasts
  3. Is able to do pregnancy calculations in a semi-automatic way
  4. Is able to perform more accurate NT sonograms, to measure in a semi-automatic way, to give full report, and hence to reduce the error percentage
  5. Is able to examine and analyze the health of the heart and brain of the fetus during early pregnancy
  6. Checks the size and number of follicles automatically with colored images
  7. Provides high quality color-Doppler ultrasound
  8. Provides exceptional quality of 4D -3D ultrasound for examining the fetal health and anomalies of uterus