Dr. Mehrdad Zarghami

Doctor of Clinical Laboratory Sciences (DCLS)

Position :

Founder, CEO, and member of the board of directors of COLIFE


Academic background :

. Doctor of Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Tehran University of Medical Sciences 65-73

. Doctorate of Business Administration, Mahan Institute 98-Present

. Master of Business Administration, The University of Tehran 86

. Associate Degree in Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences 62-64


Biography and Research Background :

After completing his doctorate in laboratory sciences, Dr. Zarghami presented his plan as the technical manager of the laboratory

They passed Buali Polyclinic in Qom Social Security Organization.

He founded Danesh Laboratory in Qom in 1997 and is currently the founder and the technical manager of this centre.


In 2000, he managed to establish the first medical imaging centre in Qom province called Parto Teb Azma where he is also currently a member of the board of directors. His work as the branch manager of Qom’s Jahad fertility Clinic lasted 6 years.

His great entrepeneurship passion along with his high ambitions to promote health and wellbeing for all citizens of Qom led to the establishment of Farjad diagnostic and treatment centre whose founder and current chairman of the board of directors is Dr. Zarghami himself.


It is noteworthy that Farjad Group’s area of expertise includes various fields such as medical imaging, oncology, medical diagnostic laboratory and Pathology operates and is one of the most successful diagnostic centres in this city.


Dr. Zarghami also founded the first genetics laboratory in Qom named Aria Gene in collaboration with Farjad Group. The success of his entrepreneurship experience in the area of laboratory and diagnostic sciences as well as his regular visits to European laboratories ultimately led to the the initial idea, and later on, the foundation of Colife.

His initial proposal of the idea behind Colife was first presented at Association of Laboratory Sciences which was met with skepticism.

In order to operationalise this idea, Dr. Zarghami signed a collaboration agreement with a French Lab for the transfer of their technical knowledge and experience from France to Iran, which, with the help of the Iranian lab society and Farjad Group, initiated the opertaional phase of the project in 2018.

The idea of Colife integrated laboratories was aimed at the prosperity and the development of small laboratories and creating a suitable platform for graduates of different clinical and pathology laboratory groups to be able to pursue the expansion of their personal businesses and raise the quality level of their services.

 with his entrepreneurial spirit and previous successful experiences, Dr. Zarghami’s lastest project has begun in Tehran with the aim of franchising this system throughout the country.


His other experiences include 8 years of membership in the board of directors of the medical organisation of Qom and the membership in the board of directors of Qom’s chamber of commerce from 2007 until now.