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Chemotherapy is a treatment in which a medicine is used to eradicate cancer cells. In some cases, chemotherapy is used as the only treatment. However, most of the times depending on the type and the amount of development of cancer, It is accompanied with other treatments such surgical operations, radiotherapy, or other treatments in order to control or reduce the symptoms of cancer. There are various chemotherapy programs. The length and the intervals of chemotherapy depend on the type, the amount of the development of the disease, and the body reaction to the disease. Normally chemotherapy is performed periodically, a period of treatment and a period of rest. This center owns the most equipped chemotherapy department in Qom city with 10 active beds. The patients receive the chemotherapy treatment under the supervision of chemotherapy oncologists.

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Radiotherapy, the usage of x-ray, etc; is used to treat different types of cancers. During the treatment a certain dose of x-ray beam is exposed to a specific part of the body on a daily basis, this process harms and destroys abnormal cells, but the normal and healthy cells stay protected or get recovered. The treatment is divided into two parts:

  • Definite cure: It aims to provide the chance of healing up and utilizing long lasting treatment benefits in patients.
  • Palliative cure: It’s done in order to decrease the size of the tumor, relieve pain or remove the symptoms of the disease.

Radiotherapy is performed in 4 phases, including:

  • simulation,
  • designing the treatment,
  • setup
  • treatment sessions.

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1-      Treatment simulation: Using a CT scan (CT simulation): imaging a part of the body, using a CT scan machine in special situations, and when needed using stabilizing and maintenance tools which are specifically designed for patients. In some cases in addition to CT scan, MRI imaging is used for simulation and distinguishing between normal and timorous cells or the tumor origin and fusing them with CT simulation.


2-      Treatment planning: The medical images of the patients are sent to Treatment planning Machine via (PACS) system. Then under the supervision of a radiotherapist and other physicists, the images are computerized and according to the patient’s medical condition, a design unique to the patient is made, aiming to cover the whole injury and preserving critical organs and also optimizing the treatment. In this center, the treatment design system is constructed using ISO gray planning software made in France and Monaco software made in England, which are used for simulation and also Block cutter device made in Germany, used for making specialized shields.

Mosaic system helps to transmit data from treatment design system to linear accelerator device and helps prevent personnel mistakes during the process of data transmission.

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3-      Radiotherapy: linear accelerator devices are of various energy levels including, low, mid, and high. This center uses low energy linear accelerator devices from Seimense Company, Germany with two photon energy modes ( Mv6,15) and another device with high energy from Electa Company, England with two photon energy modes (6,18Mv) and each has various energy electrons.

Low and high energy help to send a lot of x-ray energy deep into the body without releasing energy onto the surface tissues. This helps preserve the healthy tissues. The presence of accessories including, MLC (multi leaf collimator), i-view (imaging devices used during the treatment)( one of the limited devices of the country with the mentioned specifications) also helps to having a novel radiotherapy treatment or (IMRT) Intensive Modulated Radiation Therapy with high precision.

4-      Setup: on the first day of the treatment, in the treatment room (bunker) ,under the supervision of a physicist and a related doctor, the patient is set under the device based on the data received from the treatment design in a treatment situation. And after registering the patient’s medical condition according to an up to date simulation anatomic situation, the treatment will begin. (using EPID equipments the previously taken images will be compared with CT simulation and finally corrected).

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During the treatment, a specialist visits the patient twice a week on a regular basis.

The patient's treatment progress is examined and the needed lab tests will be requested

based on the decision and diagnosis of related doctor. The results will be scrutinized to nip

any potential problem in the bud.

. Also based on the received film portals, the patient’s proper condition will be confirmed. After the treatment, the patients will be visited for further diagnostic therapeutic measures.

Sadra Radiology Center guarantees the patients to inform the related doctor and take immediate measures in case of a critical problem or any emergency conditions.

Among other equipments of this radiotherapy department center, PTW Dosimetry systems from Germany (used to check and make sure the accelerator machine works properly) can be mentioned. in addition, the physicists check and control the machines daily, weekly, and monthly to ensure that they work properly.