Dr. Fatemeh Zahedi

Radiation Oncologist

Degrees and Certificates :

. Graduated in medicine as valedictorian from Qom University of Medical Sciences in 2005 SH

. Achieved radiotherapy/oncology specialist certificate from Tehran University of Medical Sciences coming second place in the country in 2008 SH


Work Experience :

. Completed medical practice course at Fatemieh University ofMmedical Sciences and Kashan University of Medical Sciences (1997-2006)

. Completed radiotherapy/oncology specialist internship program at Imam Khomeini Cancer Institute, Tehran University of Medical Sciences (2005–2008)

. Sadra Radiotherapy Centre (2011-present)

. personal clinic at Baharan Medical complex (located on Doreshahr St.) (2011-present)

. Senior hemovigilance doctor at Imam Ali Hospital (2012-2016)

. Senior hemovigilance doctor at Kamkar Hospital (2012-2016)

. Technical supervisor at Sadra technical Radiotherapy and Encology centre (2012-present)

. Trusted Doctor at Iranian Legal Medicine Organisation (forensic autopsy) (2013-present)

. GP programme / K-factor at Kamkar hospital (2010-2014)


Courses :

. attendance in advanced IMRT workshops supervised by ESTRO instructors (2016 & 2018)

. attendance in advanced IMRT workshops at Imam Reza Centre (Mashhad) supervised by national instructors (2017)


Memberships :

. membership of European society for radiotherapy and oncology ESTRO

. membership of Iranian Society of Clinical Oncology – ISCO

. member of Iranian Cancer Association

. member of Parto-e-Danesh quarterly editorial team  (2012-present)

. membership in the Iranian Red Crescent Society (2013-present)


Research Background :

. GP dissertation on “widespread use and the type of supplements and boosters

.General Medicine Thesis on "Prevalence of consumption and type of boosters in bodybuilding clubs in Qom"

. Doctoral Thesis in the field of radiotherapy and oncology titled “The study of therapeutic effects and complications of MDR brachytherapy in patients with cervical cancer referred to the Cancer Institute of Imam Khomeini Hospital in Tehran in 2005


Third article :

Intracavitary therapy in cervical cancer patients: Medium-dose radiation in a prospective study

Professors Hashemi Farnaz, Zahedi Fatemeh, Farhan Farshid, Kalghchi Bita, Mehrdad Nili, Haddad Peyman

Radiotherapy-Oncology Department, Cancer Institute, Imam Khomeini Hospital Complex, Keshavarz Boulevard, Tehran, Iran